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BACKGROUND Bcl-2 and BID play a major role in the process of apoptosis and their dysfunction underlies carcinogenesis. The study objective was to assess the expression of Bcl-2 and BID in gastric cancer cells in correlation with chosen clinicopathological parameters, presence of Helicobacter pylori infection, and patients' survival. MATERIALS AND METHODS(More)
INTRODUCTION Acute low neoplasm ileus requires emergency surgery. Nowadays there are increased numbers of patients with comorbidities, which causes higher risk of intra- and postoperative complications. AIM To evaluate the clinical usefulness of endoscopic self-expandable stent placement for malignant colorectal ileus. MATERIAL AND METHODS Twenty-one(More)
Splenic angiosarcoma has been presented as an extremely rare malignant tumour. Amongst the rarest of all neoplasms, primary splenic angiosarcoma comprises 0.14-0.25 of all annually reported cases per one million persons Splenic angiosarcoma was first described in 1879 by T. Langerhans. The clinical symptoms and diagnostic values associated with splenic(More)
UNLABELLED Epidemiological studies prove that incidence of colorectal cancer is increasing. The first line therapy of colorectal cancer is surgical resection of the primary tumor and elimination of regional and remote metastases. THE AIM OF THE STUDY was to determine expression of adhesion molecules CD134 and CD137 in the peripheral blood in colorectal(More)
UNLABELLED Colorectal carcinoma (CRC) is one of the most common reasons of mortality in patients diagnosed with neoplasms. In nearly 20% of patients with colorectal carcinoma metastatic lesions are diagnosed. In general, survival of patients with metastatic lesions to the liver and other organs is poor. Conventional therapy of colorectal carcinoma is based(More)
Hemangioendotheliomas are poorly differentiated neoplasms built from strands of endothelial cells and have a very narrow lumen filled with blood cells. Hemangioendotheliomas are commonly detected during the initial six months of life, concerning mainly soft tissues and skin. It is the most common bening liver cancer in children. In adults,(More)
UNLABELLED The only proven, effective therapy in case of the gastric cancers is surgery. THE AIM OF THE STUDY The most common procedure which is made in such a situation is total resection of the stomach. In our publication we would like to present and to recommend a very rare made type of the reconstructive procedures after total gastrectomy, which is(More)
Caecal volvulus is very rare causa of the intestinal obstruction. It ocures in 1- 1,5% of all intestinal obstructions. It is known that there is only on treatment in this situation which is surgery. It is classified as an obstruction because of strangulation.We present a case of the 46 year old patient, who was operated because of intestinal obstruction.(More)
Adrenal myelolipoma is an extremely rare lesion, which is composed of adipose and hematopoetic tissue. The above-mentioned lesion was first described by Gierke in 1905, with the term myelolipoma used for the first time by Oberling in 1929. The Authors of the study presented a case of a 57 year-old female patient diagnosed with a multifocal adrenal and(More)
Dendritic cells play a key role in the antigen presentation and T cell activation. The aim of this study was a detailed analysis of the presence of mature dendritic cells (CD 83 positive) in colorectal cancer in correlation with selected clinicopathological parameters. The presence of mature dendritic cells (mDCs) was determined immunohistochemically using(More)