Konrad Z. Lorenz

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Group-foraging ravens scatter-hoard when they are competing for food and, to some extent, also raid the caches made by others. We investigated the effects of observational spatial memory on individual caching and raiding tactics. With captive ravens, we found visual observation was essential for locating and raiding the caches of conspecifics. Both captive(More)
D~s, w~s wir als einen Gegenstand zu bezeichnen pflegen, entsteht in unserer Umwelt d~durch, dal3 wir die verschiedenen, yon einem und demselben Dinge ausgehenden Reize zusammenfassen nnd sie zusammengefal3t auf das betreffende ,,Ding" als die gemeinsaxne Reizquelle beziehen. Dazu gehSrt noch, daLl wir die empfangenen Reize nach aulIen in den uns umgebenden(More)
Ergot is caused by a fungus (Claviceps species) which has been found on hundreds of plants in almost every country of the world. The fungus can adapt itself to form many different varieties. New species of the fungus and new hosts are still discovered today. The alkaloids in ergot have caused hundreds of thousands of deaths in the Middle Ages after(More)
Despite a rapid development, cost, performance and durability of the energy storage system are still a hindrance for a wide commercialisation of heavy-duty hybrid electric vehicles (HEV). The purpose of the work presented in this thesis is to investigate how different load cycle properties affect the cycle life and ageing processes of Li-ion cells developed(More)
In the course of evolution it constantly happens that, independently of each other, two different forms of life take similar, parallel paths in adapting themselves to the same external circumstances. Practically all animals which move fast in a homogeneous medium have found means of giving their body a streamlined shape, thereby reducing friction to a(More)
Wenn heute zwei beliebige Biologen fiber das Problem der Inst inkte zu diskutieren versuchen, so maeht sich sehr oft e in ganz erstaunlicher MangeI gegenseitigen Verstehens bemerkbar, der darin begriindet ist, daB jeder mit dem Worte Ins t inkt einen anderen Begriff verbindet. Diese ffir jede Verst~ndigung so hinderlichen Verschiedenheiten in der(More)
Direct sexual selection via mutual mate choice can result in both sexes showing conspicuous traits. We experimentally tested whether this hypothesis can explain tail length in the bearded tit (Panurus biarmicus). In this species, both sexes have a long, graduated tail. Males have, however, a longer tail than females, suggesting perhaps that females are(More)
Peculiar to Konrad Lorenz’s view of instinctive behavior is his strong innate-learned dichotomy. He claimed that there are neither ontogenetic nor phylogenetic transitions between instinctive and experience-based behavior components, thus contradicting all former accounts of instinct. The present study discusses how Lorenz came to hold this controversial(More)