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Blood volume (BV), red cell mass (RCM; Cr-51) and plasma volume (125I-labeled albumin) were measured in 205 piglets from 28 litters shortly after birth. Spontaneous cord rupture in healthy piglets occurred during delivery (n = 25) or within 190 sec of birth (n = 82). Spontaneous and induced delay of cord rupture resulted in a time-dependent increase in BV(More)
This article sets out a paradigmatic BPM framework of public administration developed on the basis of a pioneering organisational concept of public administration. In conjunction with the corresponding BPM framework, standardisations have been undertaken, for example with respect to the invent-tory of services and for tools and platforms for the(More)
In the private sector business process management is a common and well-established practice. In the public administration in Europe, this does not hold true to the same degree. However, currently we observe some considerable challenges. Important keywords such as eGovernment, networking, interoperability, compliance and governance and their relation to the(More)
Im vorliegenden Beitrag wird möglichen Zusammenhängen zwischen den Themenbereichen IT-Strategie, IT-Governance und IT-Management nachge-gangen. Thematisiert wird weiter die Mittlerrolle der Unternehmensarchitektur zwischen diesen Themenbereichen. Damit soll die aktuell unterdotierte Rolle des Unternehmensarchitekturmanagements als zentraler Mittler in(More)