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We have proposed and evaluated features extracted from the gait paths based on the data from a motion capture for human identification task. We have used the following paths: skeleton root element, feet, hands and head. We have collected motion gait database containing 353 different motions of 25 actors. We have proposed four approaches to extract features(More)
This paper proposes the use of a particle filter with embedded particle swarm optimization as an efficient and effective way of dealing with 3d model-based human body tracking. A particle swarm optimization algorithm is utilized in the particle filter to shift the particles toward more promising configurations of the human model. The algorithm is shown to(More)
A new approach to the problem of impulsive-noise reduction for color images is introduced. The major advantage of the technique is that it filters out the noise component while adapting itself to the local image structures. In this way the algorithm is able to eliminate strong impulsive noise while preserving edges and fine image details. As the algorithm(More)