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The paper presents results of a research on the sensorless drive with PMSM supplied through the sinusoidal filter. The back electromotive force based observer is used to the shaft position estimation. Used in the study, the observer's correction function, contains multi integrators in the path, which improves the position estimation. Otherwise than in a(More)
A new control structure is presented for use at the sensorless control of speed for low speed range. That method uses an observer for position estimation. Such structure does not require the calculation of the speed value from the estimated back EMF, thus such drive can work even in a case of non-sinusoidal shape of estimated back EMF. Such structure is(More)
TiO 2 thin film obtained by the sol-gel technique was used as the active layer in an electric sensor to distinguish the vapours of four volatile organic compounds: hexane, hexanol, cyclohexane and benzene. The measurements were performed at various temperatures of the sensing layer. Some of the output signals obtained from the sensor were characterized by(More)
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