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The role of employers opinions about skills and productivity of older workers: example of Poland
Purpose – The purpose of this empirical paper is to investigate the employers’ perception of productivity of older workers in Poland with comparison to the younger ones. The paper examines whetherExpand
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Hard and soft age discrimination: the dual nature of workplace discrimination
The paper concentrates on the problem of age discrimination in the labour market and the way it can be conceptualised and measured in a multi-disciplinary way. The approach proposed here combines twoExpand
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Organisation‐level policy towards older workers in Poland
Perek-Bialas J, Turek K. Organisation-level policy towards older workers in Poland This article presents the results of studies on organisation-level strategies towards older workers inExpand
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Retirement and perceived social inferiority strongly link with health inequalities in older age: decomposition of a concentration index of poor health based on Polish cross-sectional data
BackgroundIdentifying mechanisms that generate and sustain health inequalities is a prerequisite for developing effective policy response, but little is known about factors contributing to healthExpand
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Volunteering in older age: an organizational perspective
Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to shed light on organizational perceptions of the advantages and disadvantages of engaging older volunteers, and on how they might best capitalize on theExpand
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The Proactive Shift in Managing an Older  Workforce 2009–2017: A Latent Class Analysis of Organizational Policies
Abstract Background and Objectives Longitudinal perspectives on how organizations react to workforce aging are missing in the literature. In this study, we fill this gap and ask how organizationsExpand
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How Job Requirements Affect the Recruitment Likelihood of Older Workers : The Indirect Role of Age Stereotypes
This article analyses the role of age stereotypes in the employability of older people. Unlike in extant studies, we shift emphasis from stereotypes to job requirements during recruitment. Using fiveExpand