Konrad Steinbach

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UNLABELLED Patients with end-stage kidney disease undergoing chronic maintenance dialysis (HD) are a high risk group for sudden death due to cardiovascular complications. It was the aim of the study to investigate the quantity and quality of arrhythmias during HD and between two consecutive HD (interval, I) with regard to the reproducibility of the expected(More)
The hemodynamic consequences of ventricular tachycardias are caused by cardiac and peripheral reactions. As a result, cardiac output and arterial pressure decrease. Even if the decrease is related to the tachycardia rate and left ventricular function, clinical symptoms do not in each case correlate with the degree of hemodynamic compromise. The explanation(More)
Risk factor control has been shown to reduce the incidence of coronary events in patients with or without preceding infarction. Secondary prevention should therefore be borne in mind by every cardiologist. In order to test this concept and/or to promote secondary prevention in our country, the following survey was conducted by our working group for(More)
Quality control of special medical interventions is indicated as well because of medical as economical reasons. This claim is only fulfilled in part. In Austria pacemaker treatment can be used as example for quality control: Number of first implantation; quality of data documentation; test indication: sinus node disease, carotis sinus syndrome; use of all(More)
In this multicentre (five centres in Germany), randomised, double-blind, comparative study, 150 patients with painful degenerative joint disease according to EULAR criteria received either oxaceprol (200 mg three times daily) or diclofenac (25 mg three times daily) for 20 days. Joint function, the primary variable, assessed according to Lequesne’s indices,(More)
Sudden hypotension, alone or combined with bradycardia is a major cause of syncope. 24 consecutive patients with a history of > 1 syncope of unknown aetiology were exposed to vagal provocation by the head-up tilt test. The clinical symptoms were reproduced in 11 patients under the given protocol, representing a sensitivity of 46%. The patients were followed(More)
Patients suffering from persisting sciatic pain 8 weeks following discectomy were compared with patients displaying low complaints and healthy, pain-free volunteers regarding their interleukin-6 (IL-6) levels, morning cortisol levels and degree of psychological distress. Whereas serum concentrations of IL-6 were measured by collecting blood samples between(More)
To evaluate a potential beneficial effect of systemic streptokinase therapy in acute myocardial infarction, 36 patients treated with streptokinase intravenously were assessed by radionuclide ventriculography and quantitative 201Tl myocardial imaging (including SPECT) in comparison with 18 conventionally treated patients. Patients after thrombolysis had(More)
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death and hospitalization in both sexes in nearly all countries of Europe. The main forms of cardiovascular disease are ischaemic heart disease and stroke. The magnitude of the problem contrasts with the shortage, weak quality and comparability of data available in most European countries. Innovations in(More)