Konrad Sienkiewicz

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The efficacy of a Vitex agnus castus preparation (Strotan capsules) was investigated in a randomized double blind study vs. placebo. This clinical study involved 52 women with luteal phase defects due to latent hyperprolactinaemia. The daily dose was one capsule (20 mg) Vitex agnus castus preparation and placebo, respectively. Aim of the study was to prove(More)
K.Sienkiewicz-Małyjurek, Si lesian University of Technology, Faculty of Organization and Management, Zabrze, Poland This paper gives an overview of direct consequences of serious weather events and mitigation actions undertaken in this respect by the Commission of the European Union (EU). The potential ramiĀ cations of climate change have been illustrated(More)
The author analyzes marriage trends in Poland for persons over 50 years of age. Characteristics examined include proportion of married males and females in older age groups, number of first marriages and remarriages, age distribution, and fertility (SUMMARY IN ENG, RUS)
Virtualization deployment in I-IoT domain is associated with many potential benefits. However, to achieve benefits from virtualization, which is nowadays a well-known technology, it is necessary to verify usability of virtualization platforms in context of I-IoT. In this article, we present a quantitative comparison of two leading open-source hypervisors,(More)
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