Konrad Schneider

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A compact and efficient source of cw single-frequency radiation at 532 nm with excellent long-term stability has been realized by external frequency doubling of a diode-pumped miniature Nd:YAG ring laser. With a semimonolithic MgO:LiNbO(3) resonator an optical-to-optical conversion efficiency of 89% from 1064 to 532 nm at an output power of 1.1 W was(More)
A compact and effcient source of amplitude-squeezed light is described. It employs a semi-monolithic degenerate MgO:LiNbO(3) optical parametric amplifier pumped by a frequency-doubled Nd:YAG laser at 532 nm. Injection-seeding of the amplifier by a 1064 nm wave permits active stabilization of the cavity length and stable operation. At a pump power of 380 mW,(More)
The aim of this study on the mandibles of minipigs was to compare the biomechanical stability of different methods of osteosynthesis that are used in the operative treatment of fractures of the base of the condyle. Ten different systems of osteosynthesis were used to fix 164 fractures, which were tested by a two-point bending test after repositioning and(More)
The core-shell structure in oriented cylindrical rods of polypropylene (PP) and nanoclay composites (NCs) from PP and montmorillonite (MMT) is studied by microbeam small-angle x-ray scattering (SAXS). The structure of neat PP is almost homogeneous across the rod showing regular semicrystalline stacks. In the NCs the discrete SAXS of arranged crystalline PP(More)
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