Konrad Paczkowski

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In a matched case-control study of cancer of the lower urinary tract in northern Germany in which 340 male and 91 female case-control pairs were interviewed between 1977 and 1982, cigarette smokers were found to have an odds ratio of 2.3 for males and 2.9 for females compared with nonsmokers. A significant dose-response relation was observed for increasing(More)
OBJECTIVES Postoperative infections are still an important problem in cardiac surgery, especially in the paediatric population, and may influence the final outcome of congenital heart disease treatment. Postoperative infections with fungi are uncommon. The aetiology is poorly understood, and the proper diagnosis and treatment is unclear. In this(More)
The Department of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery in Gdansk is the only pediatric cardiac surgery center in northern Poland providing comprehensive treatment to children with congenital heart defects. The Department of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery in Gdansk currently offers a full spectrum of advanced procedures of modern cardiac surgery and interventional(More)
We present a case of a severely ill newborn with complex coarctation, multiorgan failure and massive oedema, who was treated with emergency stenting of the isthmus on the second day of life, which was followed by surgical stent removal and repair of the arch on the 29(th) day, after stabilization of his general status. Interventional percutaneous direct(More)
We report a case of a 2-year-old girl with prenatal diagnosis of vascular ring composed of a right-sided aortic arch, a left ligamentum arteriosum, and a left subclavian artery (arteria lusoria sin) originating from a retroesophageal Kommerell's diverticulum, who was referred for surgery with symptoms related to local compression - severe dysphagia and(More)
An iatrogenic aneurysm of an innominate artery is an extremely rare complication, especially in children. Nevertheless, this pathology was diagnosed in a child given palliative care with chronic respiratory insufficiency and a history of encephalitis requiring permanent ventilation at home via a tracheal tube.A nine-year-old girl with colitis ulcerosa and a(More)
The presence of a pathologic mass in the right ventricle (RV) may lead to hemodynamic consequences and to a life-threatening incident of pulmonary embolism. The diagnosis of an unstable thrombus in the right heart chamber usually necessitates intensive treatment to dissolve or remove the pathology. We present a report of an unusual complication of severe(More)
This preliminary report deals with findings on the consumption of alcoholic beverages (beer, high-proof spirits, wine) and risk of tumors of the lower urinary tract from 340 male patients with urothelial cancer and an equal number of matched hospital controls (age and sex) without any malignant disease. After adjustment for smoking, beer drinkers had an(More)
The implantation of vascular stents in patients with low body weight and difficult anatomy of the stenosis needs individual cannulation strategy or a hybrid approach. We present a successful balloon angioplasty with direct stent implantation to severe ostial stenosis of the left pulmonary artery to xenograft anastomosis (LPA) in a 6-year-old boy late after(More)