Konrad Kulakowski

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Comparison, rating, and ranking of alternative solutions, in case of multicriteria evaluations, have been an eternal focus of operations research and optimization theory. There exist numerous approaches at practical solving the multicriteria ranking problem. The recent focus of interest in this domain was the event of parametric evaluation of research(More)
The Heuristic Ratio Estimation (HRE) approach proposes a new way of using the pairwise comparisons matrix. It allows the assumption that the weights of some alternatives (herein referred to as concepts) are known and fixed, hence the weight vector needs to be estimated only for the other unknown values. The main purpose of this paper is to extend the(More)
The pairwise comparisons method is a convenient tool used when the relative order among different concepts (alternatives) needs to be determined. One popular implementation of the method is based on solving an eigenvalue problem for the pairwise comparisons matrix. In such cases the ranking result the principal eigenvector of the pairwise comparison matrix(More)
Heuristic Rating Estimation (HRE) is a newly proposed method supporting decisions analysis based on the use of pairwise comparisons. It allows that the ranking values of some alternatives (herein referred to as concepts) are initially known, whilst the ranks for the other concepts have yet to be estimated. To calculate the missing ranks it is assumed that(More)