Konrad Gumowski

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We present new experimental results on the development of turbulent spots in channel flow. The internal structure of a turbulent spot is measured, with Time Resolved Stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry. We report the observation of travelling-wave-like structures at the trailing edge of the turbulent spot. Special attention is paid to the large-scale(More)
In this paper, the results of laboratory investigation about the flow behind the sphere in the range of 150<Re<300 , where very interesting physical phenomenon occurs, are presented. After a first stationary transition where the flow breaks the axisymmetry, very controlled experiments allow one to define a threshold for the second transition from stationary(More)
This paper reports about an experimental investigation of the wake behind a solid sphere on a low velocity hydrodynamical channel for the Reynolds number in the range 250–310. The aim of the work is to analyze the size and shape of the vortices’ cores and its change as a function of the Reynolds number. Special attention is paid to the transition from(More)
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