Konrad Froitzheim

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Multimedia streams are difficult to transmit in full quality and real-time due to their size and constraints imposed by their timely presentation, Especially in slow channels with variable throughput such as typical Internet connections media streaming is extremely hard, We introduce a new iterative method for the transmission of media streams. The idea is(More)
The World Wide Web (WWW) is the most accepted service in the internet providing a globally distributed hypermedia information system. Despite its tremendous growth the WWW lacks functionality beyond its basic requestresponse resp. download paradigm especially in the area of stream-oriented real-time media. Thus an important development direction for the WWW(More)
Graphical Telephone Interface (GTI) is a screen-based telephony application for telecommunication services. It provides an intuitive user interface to the myriad of services and features in state-of-the-art communication systems, such as ISDN or a digital (ISDN) PBX. As a high-end telephony user interface, GTI controls voice and data connections with the(More)
The transfer of live media streams such as video and audio over the Internet is subject to several problems, static and dynamic by nature. Important quality of service (QoS) parameters do not only differ between various receivers depending on their network access, their service provider, and their nationality, the QoS is also variable in time. Moreover the(More)
The Abstract Personal Communications Manager (APCM) is an Application programmers Interface (API) for telecommunications, providing simple and powerful interaction between communication applications and protocol software for circuit switched connections and transmission of voice and data. A few generic service primitives are developed through abstraction of(More)