Konrad Froitzheim

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Multimedia streams are difficult to transmit in full quality and real-time due to their size and constraints imposed by their timely presentation, Especially in slow channels with variable throughput-such as typical Internet connections-media streaming is extremely hard, We introduce a new iterative method for the transmission of media streams. The idea is(More)
The Abstract Personal Communications Manager (APCM) is an Application programmers Interface (API) for telecommunications, providing simple and powerful interaction between communication applications and protocol software for circuit switched connections and transmission of voice and data. A few generic service primitives are developed through abstraction of(More)
The Graphical Telephone Interface (GTI) is a screen-based telephony application for Telecommunication services. It provides an intuitive user interface to the myriad of services and features in state of the art communication systems such as the ISDN or a digital (ISDN) PBX. As a high end telephony user interface, GTI controls voice and data connections with(More)
Threads in reactive applications need to service a multitude of events from different sources such as device drivers, communication channels or cooperating threads. While notification about these events can conceptually be understood as a form of "synchronization", most operating systems (including Linux) do not provide a unified abstraction. This paper(More)
The notion of virtual presence as it was developed in Web-based communication system measures presence as distance between surfers. Presence is then visualized on the user interface in a special window or as an overlay of the Web page. It is natural to use this presence information to manually or automatically start other communication systems such as text(More)