Konrad Eriksson

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Cloud computing has gained remarkable popularity in the recent years by a wide spectrum of consumers, ranging from small start-ups to governments. However, its benefits in terms of flexibility, scalability, and low upfront investments, are shadowed by security challenges which inhibit its adoption. Managed through a web-services interface, users can(More)
Virtual data centers allow the hosting of virtualized infrastructures (networks, storage, machines) that belong to several customers on the same physical infrastructure. Virtualization theoretically provides the capability for sharing the infrastructure among different customers. In reality, however, this is rarely (if ever) done because of security(More)
A Trusted Virtual Domain (TVD) is a coalition of virtual machines and resources (e.g., network, storage) that are distributed over multiple physical platforms and share a common security policy. The concept of TVDs and their usage scenarios have been studied extensively. However, details on certain implementation aspects have not been explored in depth yet,(More)
The use of server virtualization has been growing steadily, but many enterprises still are reluctant to migrate critical workloads to such infrastructures. One key inhibitor is the complexity of correctly configuring virtualized infrastructures, and in particular, of isolating workloads or subscribers across all potentially shared physical and virtual(More)
Effluents from the bleaching of kraft pulp were tested for mutagenicity. Samples from different mills in which softwood kraft pulp is bleached in a conventional sequence of stages were spot-tested with the Escherichia coli pol A-/pol A+ system. All samples were nontoxic and therefore no difference could be noted between the repair-proficient and the(More)