Konrad Braun

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A control scheme is proposed where the nonlinear effects of friction are compensated adaptively. When the friction is compensated, the motor drive can approximately be described by a constant coefficient linear model. Standard methods can be applied to design a regulator for such a model. This results in a control law which is a combination of a fixed(More)
The spacing effect in list learning occurs because identical massed items suffer encoding deficits and because spaced items benefit from retrieval and increased time in working memory. Requiring the retrieval of identical items produced a spacing effect for recall and recognition, both for intentional and incidental learning. Not requiring retrieval(More)
Within the work of the EU-funded SIROCCO project new airfoils for the tip region of two reference wind turbines are being designed with the objective to reduce the trailing-edge noise while maintaining the performance. The present paper focuses on the description of the optimization tools along with the aerodynamic and aeroacoustic prediction methods used.(More)
Aims. The Antares nebula is a peculiar emission nebula seen in numerous [Fe ii] lines and in radio free-free emission, probably associated with the H ii region caused by α Sco B in the wind of α Sco A. High-resolution spectra with spatial resolution were used to study the emission line spectrum, the physical nature of the nebula and to determine the(More)
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