Konkal-Matt R. Prasad

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BACKGROUND T cells play an important role during the immune response that accompanies atherosclerosis. To date, the role for interleukin (IL)-17A in atherogenesis is not well defined. Here, we tested the hypothesis that atherosclerosis-prone conditions induce the differentiation of IL-17A-producing T cells, which in turn promote atherosclerosis. METHODS(More)
Newly isolated serotypes of AAV readily cross the endothelial barrier to provide efficient transgene delivery throughout the body. However, tissue-specific expression is preferred in most experimental studies and gene therapy protocols. Previous efforts to restrict gene expression to the myocardium often relied on direct injection into heart muscle or(More)
A B S T R A C T The aim of this study was to investigate anticonvulsant effect of Cassia angustifolia on Maximal electroshock-induced seizures (MES) and Pentylenetetrazole (PTZ) induced seizures. The ethanolic seed extract of Cassia angustifolia (100,200,400 mg/kg. p.o.) were studied for their anticonvulsant effect on MES and PTZ induced seizures in rats.(More)
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