Kongthong Thongkhao-on

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In vivo determinations of amino acids are important for improving our understanding of physiological states of biological tissue function and dysfunction. However, the chemically complex matrix of different biological fluids complicates the assay of this important class of molecules. We introduce a method for characterizing the amino acid composition of(More)
Substantial evidence implicates the lateral hypothalamus (LH) in the control of ingestive behavior and previous studies have found that glutamate release within the LH increases during meals. It is not known, however, whether this effect is selective for feeding, or whether similar changes are also seen during drinking. In this work, we examined this(More)
PURPOSE An understanding of the chemical microenvironments at different locations on the retina can provide unique insights into retinal neurochemistry and pathology. The anatomical shape and the small volumes available from a spatially restricted volume greatly complicate these types of measurements. The aim of this study was to demonstrate an in vivo(More)
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