Kong Xiangquan

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In order to evaluate the diagnostic value of three-dimentional contrast-enhanced MR angiography and MRI for pulmonary sequestration, 5 patients with pulmonary sequestration underwent 3D fast imaging by steady state precession (FISP) with a contrast medium and breath holding following chest radiography, CT and MR scans. The reconstructed MR angiography was(More)
The role of 16-slice spiral CT was evaluated in the diagnosis of coronary stenosis, with selective X-ray coronary angiography (SCA) serving as the reference standard. Sixty-five patients who were suspected of having coronary heart disease, without percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty or coronary bypass-grafting, were investigated using 16-slice(More)
The value of the combined in-phase (IP) and opposed-phase (OP) T1-weighted (T1-W) breath-hold FLASH sequences for hepatic imaging, especially for fat content, was evaluated. Non-contrast-enhanced IP and OP T1-W GRE breath-hold images were obtained in 76 patients refereed for abdominal MRI at 1. 5T. 76 patients were divided into three groups for analysis:(More)
The clinical application of contrast enhanced (CE) MR was evaluated. A total of 66 CE MR portograms were obtained by performing fast imaging with steady procession (FISP) technique on a 1. 5-T Siemens magnetom vision. A maximum intensity projection algorithm was also employed to include all vessels in a single image. The patency of portal venous system, the(More)
The MRI appearances of 7 adult patients with pathologically proven intracranial primitive neuroectodermal tumors (PNET) were retrospectively analyzed. The MRI features were compared with findings in pathology and surgery. In this group, the tumor masses were most commonly found in the semisphere of cerebrum and in the vermis of cerebellum. They were(More)
In order to study MR features of the regenerative nodule (RN) and dysplastic nodule (DN) of the cirrhotic liver, 26 cases of cirrhotic liver with RNs and DNs, of which 8 cases accompanied with hepatocellular carcinoma, were subjected to MRI. Eighteen of 26 cases underwent additional enhanced MRI with administration of Gd-DTPA on T1WI and 10 of the 18 cases(More)
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