Kong Wei Lye

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The rapid changing business environment of high-tech asset intensive enterprises such as semiconductor manufacturing constantly drives production managers to look for better solutions to improve the manufacturing process. Simulation, though identified to be the most appropriate technique to generate and test out possible execution plans, suffers from long(More)
In this paper, we present how a solution framework developed for (a special case of) the multi-objective simulation-optimization problems can be applied to evaluate and optimally select the non-dominated set of inventory policies for two case study problems. Based on the concept of Pareto optimality, the solution framework mainly includes how to evaluate(More)
This paper presents an evolutionary algorithm to develop cooperative strategies for power buyers in a deregulated electrical power market. Cooperative strategies are evolved through the collaboration of the buyer with other buyers defined by the different group memberships. The paper explores how buyers can lower their costs by using the algorithm that(More)
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