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The sparse table approach is an effective storage solution for multi-tenant data in SaaS. However in the sparse table, because of the shared data storage of different tenants that have different schemas, there are so many nulls which result in a waste of storage space and query efficiency problems. We analyze the difference between the multi-tenant sparse(More)
This Multi-tenant data for SaaS application is not available when the cluster is failure. The replication can guarantee the security of data by increasing redundancy. It also approaches to increase data availability with suitable replication policy. Now replication is in units of physical table, which doesn't fit to SaaS application in a big sharing wide(More)
SaaS (Software as a Service) applications need to be customizable to fulfill the various specific business needs of individual tenants. A tenant may customize with the same application more than once, which commonly occur with changed functional and quality requirements as time goes. Preservation of history tenancy metadata can contribute to the tenant(More)
In order to excellently support SaaS application, multi-tenant database system needs to meet the tenants' requirement of isolation and on-demand customization, and then needs to provide data storage mechanism and index mechanism that supporting isolation and flexibility. Multiple Sparse Tables is a good Approach for Multi-tenant Data Storage in SaaS, but no(More)
Abstract: In the implementation of Software as a Service (SaaS), Universal Table and Column Store have become the two most typical data storage architecture. However, they both have obvious drawbacks. Microsoft proposed the schema based on Basic-Table combined with Extension-Table (BT & ET) ,in which some of the tenants’ common fields are stored(More)
How to optimally place the tenant replication data to retain the load-balance and reduce cost of communication and distributed transaction, it is an important issue to achieve the high performance and availability of multi-tenant data, there are plenty of issues need to be solved. This paper proposes the Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm. It uses a(More)
Replication technology, such as Quorum NRW system, is the most effective technology to improve availability of SaaS. However, the variety of SaaS transaction will result in application unbalance. In this paper, we construct a new Quorum NRW system for multitenant database which is based on the method of sharing database and schema model. It can provide(More)
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