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This paper describes a numerical and experimental investigation on the flexural wave propagation properties of a novel class of negative Poisson’s ratio honeycombs with tetrachiral topology. Tetrachiral honeycombs are structures defined by cylinders connected by four tangent ligaments, leading to a negative Poisson’s ratio (auxetic) behavior in the plane(More)
Millions of dollars are being spent worldwide on the repair and maintenance of sewer networks and wastewater treatment plants. The production and emission of hydrogen sulphide has been identified as a major cause of corrosion and odour problems in sewer networks. Accurate prediction of sulphide build-up in a sewer system helps engineers and asset managers(More)
Novel tetrachiral honeycomb structures are evaluated for the first time from the vibroacoustic point of view. A numerical method based on Bloch wave approximations for Finite Element models of the unit cells is applied to simulate the pass-stop band characteristics of these cellular solids. Experimental modal analysis and modal densities are measured on(More)
Methods for estimating structural reliability using probability ideas are well established. When the residual ultimate strength of a buried pipeline is exceeded the limit, breakage becomes imminent and the overall reliability of the pipe distribution network is reduced. This paper is concerned with estimating structural failure of underground flexible pipes(More)
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