Konesh Sivagurunathan

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Since 1999, our group at the CADIFT, University of Toronto, has developed the application of Frequency Domain Photothermal Radiometry (PTR) and Luminescence (LUM) to dental caries detection. Various cases including artificial caries detection have been studied and some of the inherent advantages of the adaptation of this technique to dental diagnostics in(More)
A contact-free, nondestructive laser photothermal radiometric instrumentation technique was developed to meet industrial demand for on-line steel hardness inspection and quality control. A series of industrial steel samples, flat or curvilinear, with different effective hardness case depths ranging between 0.21 and 1.78 mm were measured. The results(More)
Spoofing attacks are one of the approaching threats in open source networks where the attacks are beyond the scrutinizing range. Spoofing attacks can be localized and based on localization; it can be eradicated such that the spoofer is over whelmed in a particular network coverage region. The previous approaches based on frequency face a storm when the(More)
Fibrosis is a frequent complication of diabetes mellitus in many organs and tissues but the mechanism of how diabetes-induced glycation of extracellular matrix proteins impacts the formation of fibrotic lesions is not defined. As fibrosis is mediated by myofibroblasts, we investigated the effect of collagen glycation on the conversion of human cardiac(More)
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