Kondreddi Ravinder Reddy

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The C-linked carbo-beta-peptides, oligomers of a new class of C-linked carbo-beta3-amino acids, have been shown to generate mixed 12/10 and 10/12 helices. The design involves use of "alternating chirality" of the epimeric (at the amine center) monomers to control the stability of these helices. The observation of stable 12/10 helix in a tripeptide and 10/12(More)
Electrospray tandem mass spectrometry was used to study the dissociation reactions of [M+Cat]+ (Cat = Na+ and Li+) of Boc-carbo-beta3-peptides. The collision-induced dissociation (CID) spectra of [M+Cat-Boc]+ of these peptides are found to be significantly different from those of [M+H-Boc]+ ions. The spectra are more informative and display both C- and(More)
A new β-amino acid, trans-3-aminopyran-2-carboxylic acid (APyC), was designed and synthesized from (R)-glyceraldehyde derivative and used in the synthesis of α/β-peptides in a 1 : 1 alternating pattern with d-Ala. The presence of oxygen atom at the Cβ(2)-position in APyC was envisaged to provide opportunity for additional interaction. These hybrid peptides(More)
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