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The New Zealand Food Safety Authority sampling protocol for compliance inspection of imported food products is evaluated for its ability to provide consumer protection. The sampling protocol involves both partial testing of imported consignments and complete skipping inspection of consignments based on the quality history. The risk posed by the strategies(More)
The research focus on unifying the Global Positioning system with embedded wireless system is the new approaches in intelligent vehicle control for critical remote location application using ARM. In conventional system they are designed to control the speed of vehicles in all days. The main objective of the proposed system is to operate the vehicle in safe(More)
Falls occurring in the hospital are significant events because of the injuries sustained, extended hospital stay and potential medicolegal implications. We conducted a 3-year study to determine the characteristics of fallers in a geriatric ward and assess the effectiveness of lectures and nursing assessments in the prevention of falls. In the first year of(More)
AIMS To present the haematology and biochemistry profiles for cattle in New Zealand naturally infected with Theileria orientalis Ikeda type and investigate if the results differed between adult dairy cattle and calves aged <6 months. METHODS Haematology and biochemistry results were obtained from blood samples from cattle which tested positive for T.(More)
AIM To determine the most commonly used words in the clinical histories of animals naturally infected with Theileria orientalis Ikeda type; whether these words differed between cases categorised by age, farm type or haematocrit (HCT), and if there was any clustering of the common words in relation to these categories. METHODS Clinical histories were(More)
Rail transports are facing major challenges in our day to day life. On other hand, it must meet the needs of citizens for quality of moving easily while, on the other, it must provide a valid alternative to other nodes of transport against a backdrop of rising fuel prices and the increasing importance of the effect of transport on the environment. In(More)
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