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This paper describes a procedure for incorporating artificial gyroscopic forces in the method of controlled Lagrangians. These energy-conserving forces provide additional freedom to expand the basin of stability and tune closed-loop system performance. We also study the effect of physical dissipation on the closed-loop dynamics and discuss conditions for(More)
— In this paper, we study multiple target detection using Bayesian learning. The main aim of the paper is to present a computationally efficient way to compute the belief map update exactly and efficiently using results from the theory of symmetric polynomials. In order to illustrate the idea, we consider a simple search scenario with multiple search agents(More)
We demonstrate the application of a receding-horizon motion-planning method based on probabilistic roadmaps (PRM) that uses sampling from motion primitive maneuver-automata, for the problem of adaptive path planning in the case of a partially unknown obstacle field. Specifically, we consider tra-jectories followed by a helicopter equipped with finite-range(More)
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