Komlan Akpédjé Kedji

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In software engineering, as in any collective endeavor, understanding and supporting collaboration is a major concern. Unfortunately, the main concepts of popular process formalisms are not always adequate to describe collaboration. We extend the Software & System Process Engineering Meta-Model (SPEM) by introducing concepts needed to represent(More)
Software engineering projects are highly collaborative. Existing tools designed to support collaboration usually provide some specific service, and integration with other tools using data and events. However, Process-Centered Software Engineering Environments have traditionally been designed with different assumptions. The process is usually considered as(More)
Collaboration in software engineering projects is usually intensive and requires adequate support by wellintegrated tools. However, process-centered software engineering environments (PSEE) have traditionally been designed to exploit integration facilities in other tools, while offering themselves little to no such facilities. This is in line with the(More)
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