Komei Suzuki

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We report numerical evidence of the discontinuous transition of a tethered membrane model which is defined within a framework of the membrane elasticity of Helfrich. Two kinds of phantom tethered membrane models are studied via the canonical Monte Carlo simulation on triangulated fixed connectivity surfaces of spherical topology. One surface model is(More)
EBV-associated SMTs in immuno-compromised patients have recently been reported. We report on a case of EBV-associated pulmonary leiomyosarcoma arising five yr after renal transplantation. The patient was an eight-yr-old girl, who received a living related kidney transplant from her mother. She had had bilateral giant Wilm's tumors as an infant and underwent(More)
PURPOSE Annular pancreas (AP) is usually associated with duodenal obstruction in neonates. Pancreatitis with AP occurs frequently in adults but is rare in children. This article describes pancreatitis in children with AP and pancreatobiliary anomalies and its surgical treatment. PATIENTS AND METHODS Six children who underwent duodenal bypass for AP(More)
We study a model of elastic surfaces that was first constructed by Baillie et al. for an interpolation between the models of fluid and crystalline membranes. The Hamiltonian of the model is a linear combination of the Gaussian energy and a squared scalar curvature energy. These energy terms are discretized on dynamically triangulated surfaces that are(More)
Because body fluids and blood have a tendency to adhere to transesophageal echo devices, a high level of sterilisation is required when cleaning them. Ortho-phthalaldehyde (OPA) has been widely used in Japan since being approved as a high-level sterilant. The authors report a patient with widespread, severe skin and mucous membrane damage of the lip,(More)
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