Komal M. Nayak

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BACKGROUND Epigenetic signatures are highly cell type specific. Separation of distinct cell populations is therefore desirable for all epigenetic studies. However, to date little information is available on whether separation protocols might influence epigenetic and/or gene expression signatures and hence might be less beneficial. We investigated the(More)
lng character and the paroxysmal natu the pain suggested either a gal -s o kidney-stone. Absence of any P1 similar attacks and absence of any crysa urinary salts in the centrifugalised urine ie t? the elimination of renal calcu us. fact that even gentle palpation e 5*, f i derness over the tip of the right 9th costa cartilage and that the radiating the pain(More)
scalp wound properly cleansed, antiSepticised and drained, represents in a highest degree the possibilities of good surgery," writes Donald J. Armour; "a scalp wound improperly cared for, covered with hair and matted blood, and its extent undetermined, represents one of the worst forms of surgical neglect." This statement is so true that it requires no(More)
painful, a .little tense and fluctuating. Her temperature was 99?F and pulse 74; general condition good. She was fairly well nourished, of good physique and appeared to be in the enjoyment of sound health. No information could be got from her regarding the previous history. So the diagnosis lay provisionally between a suppurating haematoma and a tubercular(More)
are called upon to carry out emergency opera tions in India. r?c The patient, a man aged about 55 admitted to the Pentland Hospital with stran gulated hernia on the morning of the 1st uciober, 1927. The hernia was of about the size ot a cocoanut, and had suddenly become stranguiatea about 10 p.m. the previous night. As the pa lived some 10 miles from the(More)
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