Komal A. Joshi

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In this paper, we develop a consolidated Supply-Demand framework of the Venture Capital (VC) ecosystem for India. Further, we empirically analyze the supply side of this ecosystem to ascertain the influence of systematic (macro) and non-systematic (micro) factors on VC fundraising. At the macro level, our results indicate that relatively strong fundamentals(More)
Designing of novel environmentally benign route for synthesis of nanoparticles is a prerequisite for developing nanomedicine. Medicinal plants serve as rich source of diverse phytochemicals which not only synthesize but also stabilize the bioreduced nanoparticles. Herein we report for the first time the anticancer activity of gold and silver nanoparticles(More)
Development of rapid, efficient, eco-friendly processes for synthesis of metal nanoparticles is one of the most significant thrust areas of nanobiotechnology. Medicinal plants are rich source of bioactive principles of diverse therapeutic importance. However, this unique phytochemistry can play a critical role not only in reduction of metal ions to their(More)
Biological synthesis of nanoparticles has recently emerged as a promising field of research owing to large scale applications in both biotechnology and nanotechnology [1] Synthesis of nanoparticles with well defined size and shape is critical for their activity [2-4] Although various physical and chemical methods like supercritical fluid synthesis, plasma(More)
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