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The transactivation properties of the two estrogen receptors, ERalpha and ERbeta, were examined with different ligands in the context of an estrogen response element and an AP1 element. ERalpha and ERbeta were shown to signal in opposite ways when complexed with the natural hormone estradiol from an AP1 site: with ERalpha, 17beta-estradiol activated(More)
Electron capture dissociation (ECD) is a promising method for de novo sequencing proteins and peptides and for locating the positions of labile posttranslational modifications and binding sites of noncovalently bound species. We report the ECD of a synthetic peptide containing 10 alanine residues and 6 lysine residues uniformly distributed across the(More)
[2] A. Adil and I. Vitev, " Collisional dissociation of heavy mesons in dense QCD matter, " Phys. Lett. [3] D. Antypov and C. Holm, " Osmotic coefficient calculations for dilute solutions of short stiff-chain polyelectrolytes, " Macromolecules 40 (2007) 731–738. Synchronization properties of bidirectionally coupled semiconductor lasers under asymmetric(More)
Photodissociation kinetics of the protonated pentapeptide leucine enkephalin measured using a cw CO(2) laser and a Fourier-transform mass spectrometer are reported. A short induction period, corresponding to the time required to raise the internal energy of the ion population to a (dissociating) steady state, is observed. After this induction period, the(More)
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