Kolja Elssel

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Abstract. Simulating numerically the sound radiation of a rolling tire requires the solution of a very large and sparse gyroscopic eigenvalue problem. Taking advantage of the automated multi– level substructuring (AMLS) method it can be projected to a much smaller gyroscopic problem, the solution of which however is still quite costly since the eigenmodes(More)
Abstract. The Automated Multi-Level Substructuring (AMLS) method has been developed to reduce the computational demands of frequency response analysis and has recently been proposed as an alternative to iterative projection methods like Lanczos or Jacobi–Davidson for computing a large number of eigenvalues for matrices of very large dimension. Based on(More)
In this paper we generalize the automated multi–level substructuring method to certain classes of nonlinear eigenvalue problems which can be partitioned into an essential linear and positive definite pencil and a small residual. The efficiency of the method is demonstrated by numerical examples modeling damped vibrations of a structure with nonproportional(More)
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