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Performance of an application can be improved through augmenting the processor with application specific functional units (AFUs). Usually a cluster of operations identified from the application forms the behavior of an AFU. Several researchers studied the impact of input and output (I/O) constraints for a legal operation cluster on the overall achievable(More)
With advances in process technology, the feature sizes are decreasing, which leads to higher defect densities. More sophisticated techniques, at increased costs are required to avoid defects. If nanotechnology based fabrications are applied, the yield may even go down to zero, as avoiding defects during fabrication will not be a feasible option. Hence,(More)
Today, coarse grained reconfigurable architectures (CGRAs) host multiple applications, with arbitrary communication and computation patterns. Each application itself is composed of multiple tasks, spatially mapped to different parts of platform. Providing worst-case operating point to all applications leads to excessive energy and power consumption. To(More)
BACKGROUND Drilling of the anterior clinoid process (ACP) is an integral component of surgical approaches for central and paracentral skull base lesions. The technique to drill ACP has evolved from pure intradural to extradural and combined techniques. OBJECTIVE To describe the computerized morphometric evaluation of exposure of optic nerve and internal(More)
Custom instruction set extensions (ISEs) are added to an extensible base processor to provide application-specific functionality at a low cost. As only one ISE executes at a time, resources can be shared. This paper presents a new high-level synthesis flow targeting ISEs. We emphasize a new technique for resource allocation, binding, and port assignment(More)
Mobile devices and embedded devices need more processing power but energy consumption should be less to save battery power. Open Handset Alliance (OHA) hosting members like Google, Motorola, HTC etc released an open source platform Android for mobile devices. Android is also used in netbook and embedded platform. Android runs on top of linux kernel with a(More)
OBJECT The surgical corridor to the upper third of the clivus and ventral brainstem is hindered by critical neurovascular structures, such as the cavernous sinus, petrous apex, and tentorium. The traditional Kawase approach provides a 10 × 5-mm fenestration at the petrous apex of the temporal bone between the 5th cranial nerve and internal auditory canal.(More)
Today's customizable processors allow the designer to augment the base processor with custom accelerators. By choosing appropriate set of accelerators, designer can significantly enhance the performance and power of an application. Due to the large number of accelerator choices and their complex trade-offs among reuse, gain and area, manually deciding the(More)