Koko Muroya

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Girard's <i>Geometry of Interaction (GoI)</i> is interaction based semantics of linear logic proofs and, via suitable translations, of functional programs in general. Its mathematical cleanness identifies essential structures in computation; moreover its use as a compilation technique from programs to state machines---"GoI implementation," so to speak---has(More)
We report on mutation screening and CAG repeat length analysis of the androgen receptor (AR) gene in 21 patients with hypospadias. The urethral meatus was located at the glandular region in six patients (glandular type), at the penile shaft in seven patients (penile type), and at the scrotal/perineal region in eight patients (scrotal/perineal type).(More)
A general framework of Memoryful Geometry of Interaction (mGoI) is introduced recently by the authors. It provides a sound translation of lambda-terms (on the high-level) to their realizations by stream transducers (on the low-level), where the internal states of the latter (called memories) are exploited for accommodating algebraic effects of Plotkin and(More)
In this preliminary report for LOLA 2014, we present a prototype implementation of the memoryful GoI framework in [Hoshino, Muroya and Hasuo, CSL-LICS 2014] that translates lambda terms with algebraic effects to transducers. Those transducers can be thought of as " proof nets with memories " and are constructed in a compositional manner by means of(More)
Girard's Geometry of Interaction (GoI), a semantics designed for linear logic proofs, has been also successfully applied to programming language semantics. One way is to use abstract machines that pass a token on a fixed graph along a path indicated by the GoI. These token-passing abstract machines are space efficient, because they handle duplicated(More)
O topalatodigital syndrome type I (OPD-I) (MIM 31130) is a rare X linked disorder characterised by a peculiar face with supraorbital ridges, flat nasal bridge, hyper-telorism, micrognathia, and cleft palate (pugilistic face) and by hand and foot deformities with spatulate distal digits and short first digits arising from the second digits (tree frog hands(More)
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