Koko K. Kayibi

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The imbalance of a vertex v in a digraph D is defined as a(v) = d + (v)−d − (v), where d + (v) and d − (v) respectively denote the out-degree and indegree of vertex v. The imbalance sequence of D is formed by listing vertex imbalances in nondecreasing order. We define a minimally cyclic digraph as a connected digraph which is either acyclic or has exactly(More)
The incidence matrix of a k-hypertournament is called a k-hypertournament matrix. The score (losing score) sequence of a k-hypertournament matrix is the score (losing score) sequence of its corresponding hypertournament. In this paper, we investigate the problem of randomly sampling all k-hypertournaments with a given score (equivalently losing score)(More)
A k-hypertournament is a complete k-hypergraph with each k-edge endowed with an orientation, that is, a linear arrangement of the vertices contained in the edge. In a k-hypertournament, the score s i (losing score r i) of a vertex v i is the number of arcs containing v i in which v i is not the last element (in which v i is the last element). The total(More)
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