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Intimal sarcoma (IS) is defined as a malignant tumor arising in the tunica intima of large blood vessels. In systemic circulation, the majority of IS develop in the aorta, where close to three fourths of published cases lack specific differentiation and are called undifferentiated intimal sarcomas (UIS). The remaining cases are intima-associated sarcomas of(More)
Clear cell follicular carcinoma is a rare type of thyroid cancer and some with aggressive biological behavior. The cytoplasmic clearing of the neoplastic cells has been attributed to the accumulation of various substances, such as glycogen, lipid, mucin, and thyroglobulin, or distension of mitochondria or endoplasmic reticulum. However, the molecular(More)
Stercoral colitis with perforation of the colon is an uncommon, yet life-threatening cause of the acute abdomen. No one defining symptom exists for stercoral colitis; it may present asymptomatically or with vague symptoms. Diagnostic delay may result in perforation of the colon resulting in complications, even death. Moreover, stercoral perforation of the(More)
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