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BACKGROUND Postoperative deaths and neurological injury have resulted from hyponatraemia associated with the use of hypotonic saline solutions following surgery. We aimed to determine the rates and types of intravenous fluids being prescribed postoperatively for children in the UK. METHODS A questionnaire was sent to members of the British Association of(More)
INTRODUCTION Many different prosthetic materials have been used for repair of large posterolateral congenital diaphragmatic hernias, which cannot be primarily repaired. Almost 50% of patch repaired diaphragmatic hernias will recur. The ideal prosthetic material for congenital diaphragmatic hernia repair has yet to be established. We report on two cases with(More)
INTRODUCTION Epidermal growth factor (EGF) is normally present as EGF(1-53). A variety of C terminal truncated forms have been used in preliminary trials for treating gastrointestinal injury but their relative potency and stability when used in a clinical setting are unclear. Therefore, we compared the biological activity of recombinant EGF(1-53),(More)
INTRODUCTION Choledochal cyst is an uncommon congenital disease of the biliary tract in the UK. There are five main types of choledochal cyst with several recognised sub-types. However, occasional variants do occur. CASE PRESENTATION We report a case of a female infant with an antenatally diagnosed choledochal cyst. The operative cholangiogram revealed an(More)
Median sternotomy has been used for a long time as a standard approach for many cardiothoracic procedures in children. Many complications have been reported to result from this approach with different incidences. Iatrogenic diaphragmatic hernia has not been reported as a definite complication of such approach. This paper presents a case report for a(More)
INTRODUCTION Polyorchidism is defined as the presence of more than two testes. The management of this rare condition is still debatable, particularly when it is an incidental finding at surgery. CASE PRESENTATION We present the case of an 8-year-old boy with triorchidism found incidentally during an elective orchidopexy. This supernumerary, ectopic and(More)
INTRODUCTION Cystic hygroma is a benign congenital neoplasm that mostly presents as a soft-tissue mass in the posterior triangle of the neck. Pure mediastinal lesions are uncommon; the vast majority are asymptomatic and are an incidental finding in adulthood. The diagnosis is often made intra- or postoperatively. Prenatal identification is exceptional and(More)
BACKGROUND To emphasise the value of on-going commitment in Global Health Partnerships. MATERIALS AND METHODS A hospital link, by invitation, was set up between United Kingdom and Tanzania since 2002. The project involved annual visits with activities ranging from exchange of skill to training health professionals. Furthermore, the programme attracted(More)
The Royal College of Surgeons have proposed using outcomes from necrotising enterocolitis (NEC) surgery for revalidation of neonatal surgeons. The aim of this study was therefore to calculate the number of infants in the UK/Ireland with surgical NEC and describe outcomes that could be used for national benchmarking and counselling of parents. A prospective(More)
INTRODUCTION The recognition of neonatal intestinal perforation relies on identification of free gas in the peritoneum on plain abdominal radiographs and the associated clinical signs. The neonatal bowel takes several hours to fill with gas, potentially obscuring one of the radiological signs of bowel perforation in the neonate. CASE PRESENTATION We(More)