Kokil Jaidka

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The CL-SciSumm 2016 Shared Task is the first medium-scale shared task on scientific document summarization in the computational linguistics (CL) domain. The task built off of the experience and training data set created in its namesake pilot task, which was conducted in 2014 by the same organizing committee. The track included three tasks involving: (1A)(More)
The large scale of scholarly publications poses a challenge for scholars in information-seeking and sensemaking. Bibliometric, information retrieval~(IR), text mining and NLP techniques could help in these activities, but are not yet widely used in digital libraries. This workshop is intended to stimulate IR researchers and digital library professionals to(More)
Abstr act This study is conducted in the area of multi-document summarization, and develops a literature review framework based on a deconstruction of human-written literature review sections in information science research papers. The first part of the study presents the results of a multi-level discourse analysis to investigate their discourse and content(More)
Aim of The Study – This paper reports a study of researchers' preferences in selecting information from cited papers to include in a literature review, and the kinds of transformations and editing applied to the selected information. This is a part of a larger project to develop an automatic summarization method that emulates human literature review writing(More)
This study present SocialStories - a system based on incremental clustering for streaming tweets, for identifying fine-grained stories within a broader trending topic on Twitter. The contributions include a novel tf-metric, called the inverse cluster frequency, and a decay weighting for entities. We present our experiments on 0.19 million tweets posted in(More)
This study investigates how politicians and citizens cooperate to create an e-democracy based on information dissemination and political awareness in an ICT environment, especially during elections. This research is conducted in the Indian context, where new ICT channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, were extensively used for campaigning and citizen(More)