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We devised a display technology that utilizes the phenomenon whereby the shading properties of fur change as the fibers are raised or flattened. One can erase drawings by first flattening the fibers by sweeping the surface by hand in the fiber's growth direction, and then draw lines by raising the fibers by moving the finger in the opposite direction. These(More)
We propose a display method using the afterimage effect to illustrate images, so that people can perceive the images with their eyes closed. Afterimage effect is an everyday phenomenon that we often experienced and it is commonly utilized in many practical situations such as in movie creation. However, many of us are not aware of it. We strongly believe(More)
We propose a drawing method to create large-scale pictures in public space. We use a property of anisotropic reflection to show images on the grass field. We created a prototype of roller type device which can control the angle of grass. We observed that our system entertains people in public exhibition.
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