Koki Matsumoto

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Cortical microcircuits are nonrandomly wired by neurons. As a natural consequence, spikes emitted by microcircuits are also nonrandomly patterned in time and space. One of the prominent spike organizations is a repetition of fixed patterns of spike series across multiple neurons. However, several questions remain unsolved, including how precisely spike(More)
This paper describes the development of a waist for a human friendly robot. The waist consists of pitch, roll, and yaw axes at which a passive collision force suppression mechanism is installed. The whole robot body of the robot is also covered by an air cushion bag capable of reducing impact force. When a collision between an object and the robot occurs,(More)
This paper describes the mechanism of a human-friendly robot. The robot consists of two arms, a body and a mobile base. An air cushion bag is developed to cover the entire exterior of the robot. It can reduce the generated impact forces in a collision between any part of the robot and a human. A passive collision suppression mechanism is also developed to(More)
In recent years, casualties was caused by the sudden appearance of a serious disaster (fire, terrorism, earthquake) in urban areas. Most of the casualties are caused by escape delay in these disasters. The most effective measures that provide disaster information and evacuation support information to evacuees are able to reduce the victim. To enable(More)
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