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Mutations in the guanine nucleotide binding protein alpha subunit (Gs alpha) have been found in patients with pseudohypoparathyroidism (PHP). We have screened the Gs alpha gene for mutations in a Japanese patient with this disorder and identified a novel 4-base pair deletion in exon 7 in codons 189-190. This deletion causes a frameshift and if synthesis of(More)
OBJECTIVE Thyroxine-binding globulin (TBG) is a serum protein that transports 75% of circulating thyroxine. Eleven naturally occurring mutations in the human TBG gene have been identified, ten of which alter the properties of the molecule. Three of these mutations produce complete deficiency of TBG (TBG-CD) and four are associated with a second mutation in(More)
Two hundred and forty-one cases of isolated ACTH deficiency have been reported in Japan since 1969. Pituitary hormone responsiveness to stimulation tests before and after hydrocortisone supplementation was investigated in these cases. Plasma ACTH level showed no or little change in response to lysine vasopressin, metyrapone, CRF or insulin-induced(More)
We reported earlier that the plasma level of corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) remained high 120 min after the onset of such strong sustained stress as ether-laparotomy or water immersion-restraint, which reflected the persistent secretion of CRH from the hypothalamic median eminence (ME). We investigated the change in plasma CRH during water(More)
The effect of sustained stress on the plasma CRH level was studied in rats subjected to the stress of laparotomy conducted under ether anesthesia or water immersion-restraint. The role of AVP in ACTH secretion during such stress was also investigated. Concentrations of CRH and AVP in the hypothalamus, extrahypothalamic tissues and peripheral blood were(More)
The floating cells in the anterior chamber and a trabeculectomy specimen obtained from a 63-year-old man with phacolytic glaucoma were observed under a light microscope and a transmission electron microscope. Numerous macrophages which had phagocytized degenerated lens material (phacolytic cells) were observed in the anterior chamber, and free-floating(More)
Adult specimens of three species of oceanic sea skater, Halobates sericeus Eschscholtz, Halobates micans Eschscholtz, and Halobates sp. were placed in one of four solutions of different salinity (sea water [35-36‰], sea water : fresh water = 2:1 [23-24‰], sea water : fresh water = 1:2 [11-13‰], and fresh water [0‰]) after collection from the temperate and(More)
Abnormalities of the gene encoding the sequence-specific DNA-binding protein, nuclear phosphorprotein p53, are among the most common genetic alterations observed in human cancers. A mutation of this tumor suppressor gene has been reported with a low prevalence in differentiated thyroid carcinomas, while the prevalence was high in undifferentiated thyroid(More)