Kok-Lay Teo

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This correspondence considers a design of magnitude responses of optimal rational infinite impulse response (IIR) filters. The design problem is formulated as an optimization problem in which a total weighted absolute error in the passband and stopband of the filters (the error function reflects a ripple square magnitude) is minimized subject to the(More)
This correspondence considers the optimized design of interpolative sigma delta modulators (SDMs). The first optimization problem is to determine the denominator coefficients. The objective of the optimization problem is to minimize the passband energy of the denominator of the loop filter transfer function (excluding the dc poles) subject to the continuous(More)
An efficient algorithm for solving semi-infinite programming problems is proposed in this paper. The index set is constructed by adding only one of the most violated points in a refined set of grid points. By applying this algorithm for solving the optimum nonuniform symmetric/antisymmetric linear phase finite-impulse-response (FIR) filter bank design(More)
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