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This paper considers the problems of global exponential stability and exponential convergence rate for impulsive high-order Hopfield-type neural networks with time-varying delays. By using the method of Lyapunov functions, some sufficient conditions for ensuring global exponential stability of these networks are derived, and the estimated exponential(More)
—Broadband microphone arrays has important applications such as hands-free mobile telephony, voice interface to personal computers and video conference equipment. This problem can be tackled in different ways. In this paper, a general broadband beamformer design problem is considered. The problem is posed as a Chebyshev minimax problem. Using the 1-norm(More)
In this paper, we consider smooth convex approximations to the maximum eigenvalue function. To make it applicable to a wide class of applications, the study is conducted on the composite function of the maximum eigenvalue function and a linear operator mapping m to n , the space of n-by-n symmetric matrices. The composite function in turn is the natural(More)