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In this paper, we consider the optimal design of finite-impulse response (FIR) filters with coefficients expressed as sums of signed powers-of-two (SPT) terms, where the normalized peak ripple (NPR) is taken as the performance measure. This problem is formulated as a mixed-integer programming problem. Based on a transformation between two different integer(More)
In this paper, we consider smooth convex approximations to the maximum eigenvalue function. To make it applicable to a wide class of applications, the study is conducted on the composite function of the maximum eigenvalue function and a linear operator mapping m to n , the space of n-by-n symmetric matrices. The composite function in turn is the natural(More)
—Broadband microphone arrays has important applications such as hands-free mobile telephony, voice interface to personal computers and video conference equipment. This problem can be tackled in different ways. In this paper, a general broadband beamformer design problem is considered. The problem is posed as a Chebyshev minimax problem. Using the 1-norm(More)