Kok-Choon Tan

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We address a scheduling and routing problem faced by a third-party logistics provider in planning its day-of-week delivery schedule and routes for a set of existing and/or prospective customers who need to make shipments to their customers (whom we call “end-customers”). The goal is to minimize the total cost of transportation and inventory while satisfying(More)
Given a system of linear inequalities and equalities Ax b + dt and Mx = g + ht where the right-hand-sides (RHS) are parametrically deformed over the scalar t , the parametric center problem is to trace the parametric family of approximate solutions (t) to the center problems P(t) , where P(t) is the problem: maximize , ln (bi + dit Aix) subject to Ax <c b +(More)
In this paper, we consider the staggering problem in the management of a Single Resource Multi-item Inventory System (SRMIS) studied in Anily (1991), Gallego, Shaw and Simchi-Levi (1992), Gallego, Queyranne and Simchi-Levi ( 1996), and Hariga and Jackson (1996). Each of the items in the inventory system has a constant demand (or depletion) rate, uses a(More)
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