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Mammography is considered the most effective method for early detection of breast cancers. However, it is difficult for radiologists to detect microcalcification clusters. Therefore, we have developed a computerized scheme for detecting early-stage microcalcification clusters in mammograms. We first developed a novel filter bank based on the concept of the(More)
SUMMARY We investigate the impact of symbol rate control, modulation level control, and the number of hops on the area spectral efficiency of interference-limited multihop radio networks. By controlling symbol rate and modulation level, data rate can be adapted according to received power. In addition, varying the number of hops can control received power.(More)
SUMMARY With the recent increase in the number of news videos and in their value, their automatic indexing has been anticipated. Among various proposals for this problem, the use of textual data has been actively considered, and some applications of this type have actually been developed. Nonetheless, most of these approaches are textual data oriented, and(More)
— The impact of spatial correlation of shadowing on the coverage of TDMA multihop cellular systems is investigated in single-cell environments. The introduction of relaying capabilities to cellular systems may enhance the cell coverage as follows. Changing single-hop transmission to multihop transmission reduces per-hop path loss. In addition, since a(More)
SUMMARY The spectral efficiency of cooperative relaying in interference-limited environments in which a given channel is spatially reused is investigated. Cooperative relaying is a promising technique that uses neighboring stations to forward the data toward the destination in order to achieve spatial diversity gain. It has been reported that by introducing(More)