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This study was designed to examine the psychological benefits of anaerobic exercise for older adults. Specifically, strength training was employed to examine the effects on mood and anxiety in a group of healthy but sedentary older women. 36 women (mean age = 68.5 yr.) were randomly assigned to groups given high intensity or moderate intensity strength(More)
In a 64-year-old man who had been treated with prednisolone (PSL) and 6-mercaptopurine (6MP) for a long period, for ulcerative colitis (UC), hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) was detected incidentally. The UC was in remission with these medications. After he had been taking these medications for about 8 years, HCC was detected by computed tomography (CT), done(More)
PURPOSE Mosapride citrate (mosapride) is a serotonin 5-hydroxytryptamine 4 receptor agonist known to promote gastric emptying and large-intestine motility. We assessed the effect of mosapride on postoperative ileus following colon surgery. METHODS Forty patients with colon cancer undergoing hand-assisted laparoscopic colectomy were randomly assigned to a(More)
We herein present an example of an extended central bisegmentectomy in a patient with a large hepatocellular carcinoma. According to a magnetic resonance imaging study, the right hepatic vein was displaced and narrowed at its origin and a large inferior right hepatic vein was revealed. In this case, owing to the only slightly functional remaining hepatic(More)
Several studies have shown that the ruminative responses, which are defined as a coping pattern that focuses on the symptoms of depression and on the possible causes and consequences of these symptoms, are associated with depression. Recently, negative rumination, which is defined as the tendency to continue to think about something bad, harmful, or(More)
Physical activity contributes to children's physical and mental well-being. Research suggests that active free play helps to maintain and increase physical activity in children and also contributes to social and emotional well-being. To date, these studies have focused on Western countries. Thus, this study was conducted to gain insights into the factors of(More)
Little is known about dissemination strategies that contribute to health information recognition. This study examined (a) health campaign exposure and awareness (slogan and logo recognition); (b) perceived communication channels; (c) differences between perceptions of researcher-developed and enhancement community health information materials; and (d)(More)
PURPOSE To identify the factors influencing parental medication control behaviors (inhaling corticosteroids and medication-taking) in pediatric asthma management. METHODS A specially-designed questionnaire survey was conducted on 942 parents with asthmatic children in hospitals and elementary schools. RESULTS Factor analysis on inhalation behaviors(More)