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Steady-state operation of 170?GHz?1 MW gyrotron for ITER
A 170?GHz gyrotron has been developed at JAEA, which has achieved operation of 1?MW/800?s and up to 55% efficiency. This is the first demonstration of a gyrotron achieving and even exceeding the ITERExpand
Compact DEMO, SlimCS: design progress and issues
The design progress in a compact low aspect ratio (low A) DEMO reactor, 'SlimCS', and its design issues are reported. The design study focused mainly on the torus configuration including the blanket,Expand
Achievement of robust high-efficiency 1|[thinsp]|MW oscillation in the hard-self-excitation region by a 170|[thinsp]|GHz continuous-wave gyrotron
Achievement of robust high-efficiency 1 MW oscillation in the hard-self-excitation region by a 170 GHz continuous-wave gyrotron
Progress of high power 170 GHz gyrotron in JAEA
Recent progress on the high power gyrotron development in JAEA is presented. The gyrotron is featured to have a triode-type magnetron injection gun, a cylindrical resonator working at 170 GHz withExpand
High-Efficiency Oscillation of 170 GHz High-Power Gyrotron at TE31,8 Mode Using Depressed Collector
Stable 1.1 MW oscillation was achieved by a 170 GHz high power gyrotron. The oscillation mode capable of the CW operation is TE31,8. The efficiency was 32%, which was enhanced to 57% by aExpand
Development of 170 and 110 GHz gyrotrons for fusion devices
Development of 170 and 110 GHz gyrotrons and their application to electron cyclotron heating systems are presented. A parasitic oscillation that degraded the electron beam quality was suppressed, andExpand
Overview of the ITER EC H&CD system and its capabilities
The Electron Cyclotron (EC) system for the ITER tokamak is designed to inject >= 20 MW RF power into the plasma for Heating and Current Drive (HC) applications. The EC system consists of up to 26Expand
The targeted heating and current drive applications for the ITER electron cyclotron system
A 24 MW Electron Cyclotron (EC) system operating at 170 GHz and 3600 s pulse length is to be installed on ITER. The EC plant shall deliver 20 MW of this power to the plasma for Heating and CurrentExpand
Status of the ITER Electron Cyclotron Heating and Current Drive System
The electron cyclotron (EC) heating and current drive (H&CD) system developed for the ITER is made of 12 sets of high-voltage power supplies feeding 24 gyrotrons connected through 24 transmissionExpand
High power experiments of remote steering launcher for electron cyclotron heating and current drive
Abstract High power (0.5 MW) radiation tests of a remote steering launcher for an electron cyclotron heating and current drive (EC H&CD) system were carried out to study the characteristic of the rfExpand