Koji Sumino

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Photoluminescence spectra in dislocated silicon crystals are investigated to determine the energy state of electrons associated with dislocations within the band gap. The polarization characteristics and the dependences of the luminescence on impurities, annealing and deformation temperature suggest that dislocations themselves are active as radiative(More)
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  • 1977
The water or sea contamination of diisopropyl naphthalene and phenyl xylylethane in hydrocarbons, which have appeared as alternatives for polychlorobiphenyls, was examined in some areas of Japan. A mass fragmentgraphic technique was applied for rapid determination of trace amounts. In sea mud, 0.019 to 0.16 ppm of diisopropyl naphthalene was found, and a(More)
Basic aspects of impurity reaction with dislocations in semiconductors are discussed on the basis of the work of the author's group. Some important insights into the mechanism of impurity reaction with extended structural defects are deduced from a theoretical treatment of impurity distribution around a structural defect in thermal equilibrium, experimental(More)
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