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Continuous human monitoring is substantially useful to realize a high QoL (quality of life) society. In the previous work, we fabricated a prototype system for monitoring an electrocardiograph (ECG), heart rate (HR), 3 axes human body acceleration, temperature for human body and human circumstances, simultaneously. These data are transmitted to the host PC(More)
We, participants in the Translational Medicine Ontology activity of the World Wide Web Consortium's Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group (http://esw.w3.org/topic/HCLSIG) and members of the National Center for Biomedical Ontology (http://bioontology.org/), are developing a high-level, patient-centric ontology for translational medicine which will(More)
This paper presents a design optimization of a novel electromagnetic MEMS energy harvester by using a fine patterned NdFeB array with a serpentine shaped coil for gathering electromotive force. The serpentine coil can be easy to be fabricated in comparison with a spiral coil that fabricated in the previous work. The magnetic flux density is calculated by(More)
This paper presents a SPICE modeling of piezoelectric energy harvesting (PEH) device. We developed a wireless sensor system with the PEH device as an application. The PEH device is composed of a stainless cantilever, which has a piezoelectric film on the both side surface. The PEH device oscillates at resonance frequency when the tip of the cantilever is(More)
It reports on the exploratory experiment of a hybrid wafer with two or more die wired for each other in this thesis. The cavity is formed to the wafer, and individual die is arranged there (die is MEMS device and LSIs, etc.). The surface of the wafer and the surface of the dies are made smooth with the resin, and flat wiring is done to the electrode pads of(More)