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We investigate the X-ray properties of the K-band-selected galaxies at redshift 2 < z < 4 by using our deep near-infrared images obtained in the MOIRCS Deep Survey project and the published Chandra X-ray source catalog. 61 X-ray sources with the 2-10 keV luminosity L X = 10 42 − 10 44 erg s −1 are identified with the K-selected galaxies and we found that(More)
This experiment examined effects of the intermittent exposure to cold. C57BL/6J mice were exposed to cold (4-5 degrees C) for six hours in light (L-cold group) or dark (D-cold group) period and their wheel-running and drinking activities, daily amounts of food and water intake, and body weight were analyzed. Wheel running and drinking decreased during cold(More)
We present the first measurement of clustering properties of low mass galaxies with a stellar mass down to M * ∼ 10 9 M ⊙ at 1 < z < 4 in 24.4 arcmin 2 of the GOODS-North region with a depth of K AB ∼ 25, based on the near infrared observations performed with MOIRCS at the Subaru Telescope. The correlation amplitude strongly depends on the K-band flux,(More)
Experiment E949 at Brookhaven National Laboratory studied the rare decay K ‡ ! ‡ and other processes with an exposure of 1:77 10 12 K ‡ 's. The data were analyzed using a blind analysis technique yielding one candidate event with an estimated background of 0:30 0:03 events. Combining this result with the observation of two candidate events by the(More)
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