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Nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates have been well known to be inhibited farnesyl diphosphate synthase (FDPS), an enzyme in mevalonic acid metabolism, resulting in disturbance in polymerization of cytoskeleton structure in bone resorption and promotion of apoptosis in mature osteoclasts. Although bisphosphonates have been reported to activate ion(More)
In many schools, English is taught as international communication tool and the goal of English pronunciation training is generally to acquire intelligible enough pronunciation, which is not always native-sounding pronunciation. However, the definition of the intelligible pronunciation is not easy because it depends on the speaking skill of a speaker, the(More)
We examined changes in electrical and morphological properties of rat osteoclasts in response to prostaglandin (PG)E(2). PGE(2) (>10 nM) stimulated an outwardly rectifying Cl(-) current in a concentration-dependent manner and caused a long-lasting depolarization of cell membrane. This PGE(2)-induced Cl(-) current was reversibly inhibited by(More)
Notch signaling plays a key role in various cell differentiation processes including bone homeostasis. However, the specific involvement of Notch in regulating osteoclastogenesis is still controversial. In the present study, we show that RANKL induces expression of Jagged1 and Notch2 in bone marrow macrophages during osteoclast differentiation. Suppression(More)
Membrane properties of the human pregnant myometrium were investigated with the conventional microelectrode and patch clamp methods. The majority of preparations produced spontaneous action potentials at a very low frequency, and action potentials were inhibited in sodium-deficient or calcium-free solutions. With the patch clamp technique with 120 mmol/L(More)
The 4-aminopyridine (4AP) sensitive outward current of enzymatically dispersed single smooth muscle cells of the rabbit main pulmonary artery were investigated using the voltage clamp method. When the cell was exposed to physiological salt solution (PSS) in the bath and high K+ in the pipette no inward current was generated by depolarization of the(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the actions of 17beta-estradiol on the electrical activity of pregnant rat myometrium. The longitudinal layer of the myometrium was dissected from pregnant rats (17 to 19 days of gestation), and single cells were isolated by enzymatic digestion. Calcium currents and potassium currents were recorded by the(More)
Effects of CV-4093, a newly synthesized dihydropiridine type of Ca antagonist, on membrane currents in enzymatically dispersed single smooth muscle cells of the rabbit main pulmonary artery were investigated using the single electrode voltage clamp method. Three types of membrane currents were evident, i.e., Ca and Na inward and K outward currents. CV-4093(More)
We investigated the transport of salicylic acid and L-lactic acid across the placenta using the human trophoblast cell line BeWo. We performed uptake experiments and measured the change in intracellular pH (pH(i)). The uptakes of [(14)C]salicylic acid and L-[(14)C]lactic acid were temperature- and extracellular pH-dependent and saturable at higher(More)
OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to quantitatively assess the effects of oxytocin on membrane properties in the pregnant human myometrium. STUDY DESIGN Specimens were obtained from the lower uterine segment during cesarean section at term. Electrical activity was recorded from individual cells by a conventional microelectrode method and the membrane functions(More)